Materials Passbox – Passthrough HS-Q4

The ingress of contamination particles into clean rooms, operating rooms OR and other controlled environments is critical to maintain the integrity of products and bio security biologic processes. When the work is developed in areas with controlled environments is necessary to have an equipment which facilitates the flow of materials without putting at risk the classification of each zone. In order to facilitate such control, Grupsa launches a new product, the Passthrough – Materials Transfers HS-Q4.

Passthrough / Material Transfer Q4

These transfer are the effective solution for transferring materials en controlled environments and classified areas, without needing movement of people. The Passthrough HS-Q4 allow the transfer between areas with different classification with no risk for the environment of each area where they are installed They are valid for both input and output materials, avoiding cross-contamination. Installed at laboratories they prevent the output of contaminated material to the outside. Passthroughs are manufactured in Stainless Steel quality AISI 304 surface finish as per ASTM A-480 No. 4 Matt and tempered laminated glass 6 mm thick with a design which enables the hygiene and cleaning. These transfers have an interlock system of the doors Hospital System which prevents the opening of both doors at the same time, and an UV light inside for disinfecting the material.