Revolving doors: aesthetic and energetic efficiency

Grupsa has multiple solutions for automatic doors to access hotels, hospitals, shopping centers or headquarters of important offices. The possibilities offered by Grupsa GCC & Middle East range from Revolving Doors (manual or automatic), curved sliding doors or straight for evacuation routes.

Revolving doors Rotary System, both manual and automatic, add elegance to the building and represent energy saving. Grupsa’s revolving doors can be manufactured in lacquered or anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper or bronze, adjusting to the corporate image of each installation, making it unique and representative of its values.

Revolving Doors are ideal for Hotels and Shopping Centers with high affluence as they serve to make it more orderly, fluid and safe passage; increasing the evacuation area thanks to its integral panic system – folding leaves.

curved and plain sliding doors

  • The Curved Sliding Doors Circular System provide a great attraction to enhance the main accesses. It is an intermediate solution that allows a large interior space, such as sliding doors straight, for the passage of users but maintaining the aesthetics of the revolving doors.
  • The Sliding Doors Automatic Systems are a good option for access to hotels and buildings where you do not need a very strict climate control and you are looking for a smooth passage of people for its large influx. In addition, the models AS-400, AS-600, AS-700 and AS-900 can incorporate an integral panic system in case of emergency with connection to fire systems.