Grupsa Chile, in the 9th Congress of Hospital Infrastructure 2020

Grupsa Chile participates in the 9th Congress of Hospital Infrastructure 2020 which, due to the exceptional circumstances due to the global coronavirus pandemic, will be held virtually from December 15 to 18. The company actively collaborates in lectures and congresses where it disseminates its work in improving hospital infrastructure and preventing the spread of pathogens and bacteria in hospitals: modular operating rooms with integration of technological systems, access systems in critical areas and rooms clean, facilities for the passage of tools and dirty material safely … etc.

The company is once again present at one of the most important hospital fairs in the country. Grupsa Chile will present its new products for the hospital industry, such as its range of next-generation operating rooms with photographic printing, doors for Intensive Care with intelligent automatic opening or its technical doors for consulting rooms and rooms from its new Kompak System range.

The commitments of Grupsa, and its subsidiary Grupsa Chile, are aimed at the conception and manufacture of efficient systems for hospital infrastructure, betting on clean and bio-resistant materials, with long durability (such as stainless steel or HPL), but also to rethink the future of critical areas (surgical, intensive and clean rooms) from efficient, rational and adaptive design to a new reality that brings the global coronavirus pandemic.

Grupsa Chile is one of the leading companies in the country, as a provider of hospital infrastructure for the public health system and private clinics. Its latest hospitals are the new hospitals in Ovalle, Quillota-Petorca or Antofagasta; the Universidad de los Andes Clinic, the ACHS Clinic or the Concepción University Clinic. The Grupsa group of companies is also present in more than 50 countries around the world: Europe, Latin America and North Africa (Morocco) and the Middle East (GCC).