ER Operator for Escape Routes

Door Operators ER by Grupsa for Automatic Pedestrian Doors are the perfect option for Escape Routes. They are designed and certified (according to standard EN ISO 13849-1, level of performance PL “d”) to ensure correct operation in case of exceptional situations or electrical faults, thanks to its monitored emergency battery that enables to perform the opening required.

Door Operators ER are equipped with activation and safety sensors at the closure, as well as with lateral safety sensors, making it the safest option for escape routes without panic system on the market. Its wide versatility allows the connection to the fire protection system and the installation of side push buttons, which opens and keeps the door open in case of emergency.

Thanks to its smooth and silent operation all kinds of situations, ER system is prepared for the three models of Door Operators for Automatic Sliding Doors (AG90/90, AG90/200 and AG90/260T).
The AG90 ER operator for escape routes is compatible with Automatic System, on the AS-300, AS-400, AS-600, AS-700 and AS-900 models; in  Telescopic Doors (Telescopic System), TS-300; and with the Curved Sliding Doors, CS-800 (Circular System).

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