The Movable Glass Partitions of the range Modular System is a Grupsa solution based on screens for the division of office spaces, commercial areas, hotels, restaurants, airports, museums or other installations.

Its aesthetic and elegant design and its multiple applications and configurations provide the necessary flexibility to subdivide areas for specific uses, even at certain times, thanks to a simple manual opening and closing maneuver. Glass Partitions also incorporate a pivoting door integrated into the mobile partition when it is closed for the passage of people.

The transparent modules that make up our Mobile Screens systems become the ideal transition element to communicate or divide areas of banks, shopping centers, exhibition halls, galleries, museums, restaurants, coffee shops, creating an open area and a sense of spaciousness when they are in stacking position in parking.

Modular System Catalogue



MS-150 Basic

Movable Glass Partitions

MS-150 Frame

Movable Glass Partitions